Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hoppip (Dragons Exalted 1) Card Reviews

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Card Review:

            Our review for today is about Hoppip, a basic grass type pokemon that is in the Dragons Exalted expansion. This is the first card in the set. Hoppip has 30 hp. It has x2 weakness to fire and a -20 resistance to water. It has a retreat cost of one colorless energy. It has one attack called Flail Around that uses one grass energy and does 10 damage times the number of heads you get when you flip three coins. You should put this card in the bench  until it evolves into its 1st or 2nd stage but you should probably put in the bench till it evolves in to its 2nd stage because the 1st stage pokemon only has a little hp too. You should use this card to attack if you are sure that Hoppip won't die. Hoppip is a very risky card so you should be cautious on using it, one wrong move with Hoppip and you are dead. This card would be very bad without its attack Flail Around because it has the potential to give 30 damage to the enemy. Without this attack he would be very bad considering its hp being very low. You should put this card in a grass deck that consist of its evolve and some revives so when they kill Hoppip you could revive it.

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