Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Skiploom (Dragons Exalted 2) Card Review

Welcome to my blog! Yesterday i forgot to mention that this blog is going to have deck reviews too. After I finish a Pokemon card and its evolutions, I am gonna make the deck review.

Card Review:

          Our review for today is Skiploom, a stage 1, grass type Pokemon that is in the Dragons Exalted expansion. Skiploom is the 2nd card of the set. Skiploom has 60 hp. It has x2 weakness to fire and has -20 resistance to water. It doesn't have a retreat cost. It has only one attack called Bullet Seed that uses one energy and does 10 damage times the number of heads you get from flipping 4 coins. Bullet Seed is an attack that Skiploom could learn in the Pokemon games. Since Skiploom is a stage 1 Pokemon you need to put Hoppip in play first and then evolve Hoppip into Skiploom. If you have read yesterdays review, Hoppip is supposed to be in the bench concerning its hp being low. Just like Hoppip, Skiploom has small hp for a 1st stage Pokemon so after you evolve it you should put it in the bench so that it wont get knocked out. In my opinion, Skiploom is an average card because this card only needs one grass energy to attack and Skiploom doesn't have a retreat cost that is why this card is an average card for me. This card and its evolution is good on fast decks because they only need one grass energy to attack. Tomorrow's Pokemon card is Jumpluff, the 2nd stage of Hoppip

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  1. In response to your question, some of us over at Paperpokes do collect/play the card game. I'm quite proud of my collection at the moment, actually :p