Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Aggron (Dragons Exalted 80)

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Card review:

            Our card review for today is Aggron, a stage 2, metal type Pokemon from the Dragons Exalted expansion. Aggron has 140 hp.  It has a X2 weakness to fire and has -20 resistance to psychic. It also has a retreat cost of 4 colorless energy.  It has an ability called Toppling Wind. It is written that "When you play this Pokemon from your hand to evolve 1 of your Pokemon, You may discard the top 3 cards in your opponent's deck. It also has an attack called Giga Horn. Giga Horn does 90 damage but you need to flip two coins. If both of them are tails this attack does nothing. This card is already used in one of my deck reviews, Aggon mill. This card is an average card because it could do no damage at all if you flip two tails. Th good thing about this card is its decent hp and It has a nice ability. This card is mostly used on its ability with Devolution spray so it could discard a lot of cards. You just need to read my deck analysis for more information.

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