Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Vileplume (Boundaries Crossed 3)

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Card review:

          Our card review for today is Vileplume, a stage 2, grass type Pokemon from the Boundaries Crossed expansion. Vileplume has 140 hp. It has a X2 weakness to fire and a -20 resistance to water. It also has a retreat cost of 3 colorless energy. It has an ability called Allergy Panic. It s written that "Apply Weakness for each Pokemon ( both yours and your opponent's) as x4 instead.". Allergy Panic makes fire type attack that does 50 x 2 damage to Vileplume 50 x4 damage instead. Vileplume has an attack called Pollen Spray that does 50 damage and it makes your opponent Asleep and Poisoned. I put this in my interesting card reviews because of its ability. For me , it isn't that good but its ability is interesting. You could make a deck out of it using Tech cards like Terrakion and Mewtwo Ex so that you can counter some popular decks like Darkrai/Hydreigon. You could put Shaymin Ex so that you could counter Blastoise/Keldeo deck.  This card isn't that bad so i think I would try out to make a deck out of this card and maybe make a Deck analysis.  

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