Sunday, November 18, 2012

Altaria (Dragons Exalted 84)

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Card review:

          I am sorry that I haven't post for 2 days but from now on I won't post some random cards, I will post the interesting cards from each type in different expansions. I could maybe post for Boundaries Crossed but please comment if you hate it. So here is one of them its Altaria from the Dragon Exalted expansion. This card is a stage 2, Dragon type Pokemon. It has a X2 weakness to Dragon. It has no resistance and It has a retreat cost of one colorless energy. It has an ability called Flight Song. Flight song does 20 more damage to the active Pokemon if your'e a dragon type Pokemon. It has an attack called Glide. Glide does 40 damage for one water energy, one metal and one colorless energy. This card is good because of its ability. This card is in my deck analysis, Garchomp/ Altaria. That used to be my favorite deck but its still awesome. Read my Garchomp/ Altaria deck analysis for more information.

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