Monday, November 12, 2012

Lairon (Dragons Exalted 79)

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Card review:

          Our card review for today is Lairon, a stage 1 metal type Pokemon from the Dragons Exalted. Lairon has 90 hp. It has a X2 weakness to fire and has -20 resistance to psychic. It also has a retreat cost of 3 colorless energy. It has no ability but 2 attacks called Metal Claw and Wreak Havoc. Metal Claw does 30 damage for one metal energy and one colorless energy. Wreak Havoc does 60 damage and Discard the top card of your opponent's deck for each head you flip until tails. This card is an average card because it has an average hp, and pretty nice moves. Wreak Havoc is a nice attack because it could do some damage and it also discards resources from your opponent's deck. The only bad thing about this card is it has an expensive retreat cost but obviously it would be heavy because it is a metal type Pokemon.

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