Thursday, November 22, 2012

Roselia (Dragons Exalted 12)

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Card review:

           Our card review for today is Roselia, a basic, grass type Pokemon from the Dragons Exalted expansion. Roselia has 70 hp. It has a X2 weakness to fire and has a -20 resistance to water. It also has a retreat cost of one colorless energy. It has no ability but has 2 attacks called Double Whip and Relaxing Fragrance. Double Whip does 10 damage times the number of heads you flip of two coins. Relaxing Fragrance heals 30 damage and remove all Special Conditions from this Pokemon. This card is an average Basic Pokemon because it has a decent amount of hp and has normal attacks. you should use this card only when you really need it because you need to evolve it to see its true purpose. This card is one of my interesting cards in the set because of Roserade but you would no that after a couple of days so Stay Tuned for more card reviews. Tomorrow's card review will be another Roselia.

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