Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Gloom (Boundaries Crossed 2)

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Card review:

          Our card review for today is Gloom, a stage 1 grass type Pokemon from the Boundaries Crossed expansion. It has 80 hp. It has a X2 weakness to fire and a -20 resistance to water. It has a retreat cost of one colorless energy. It has no ability but has 2 attacks called Foul Odor and Poison Powder. Foul Odor confuses this Pokemon and the Defending Pokemon. Poison Powder does 40 damage and Poisons the Defending Pokemon. This card is not that good because it has attacks that are not that good because Foul Odor confuses both Pokemon and Poison Powder does only 40 damage and it only Poisons.The good thing about this card is that when they use Pokemon Catcher you could retreat easily because it has only one retreat cost.  I recommend you to put this Pokemon in the bench because it has bad attacks. Just put this in the bench until it evolves. Tomorrow's card review will be Vileplume so stay tuned for tomorrow's card review. 

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